Jan 2022 Update

Super Bloom — Rob Buchholz, EDC Vegas was started with two driving forces:

  1. A desire to use art to communicate the impact that decentralization will have on the financial system and society at large, and
  2. A vision to build a large-scale art piece in honour of the blockchain, the technology that has started a movement around the globe, and created a multi-trillion dollar asset class.

Heading into 2022, is more excited than ever to continue our mission and realize our vision. On this note, we want to communicate some exciting updates to our community.

We are increasing the scope of was initially focused solely on Chain, a stainless steel real-world representation of a blockchain, standing over 70ft tall IRL, and a digital counterpart in the metaverse. We’re happy to report that Chain’s digital counterpart currently resides in Chain Metaverse, with NFT integration, live video chat, cross chain PFP avatars and other features already in beta. The Chainblock NFT collection is in development in collaboration with talented artists, and some incredible designs are in the works.

Chain in Chain Metaverse

Supply chain challenges have slowed the construction of Chain IRL but we have construction underway at our studio and workshop in Los Angeles. In addition, our in-house artist, Rob Buchholz, recently put the finishing touches on his most recent masterpiece, Super Bloom, which debuted at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas last October.

Super Bloom at Electric Daisy Carnival, Las Vegas

All of this is great, but how is the scope of increasing, and what does it mean for CHAIN token holders? is now managing the metaverse strategy for both Super Bloom AND Chain, and we are in talks with more strategic partners to execute the metaverse strategies for their large scale artworks as well. CHAIN token holders will be able to stake their CHAIN tokens in dedicated pools to acquire limited collection NFTs for both Super Bloom and Chain, and others in the future. These NFTs are imbued with full governance rights to the physical art pieces, with NFT holders constituting a DAO that governs the movements of the art pieces both online and IRL. Most importantly, the individual or group who controls more than 51% of the NFTs can take physical custody of these one-of-a-kind industrial art pieces.

How does value accrue to the CHAIN token and the NFT collections? are seeing a variety of investors interested in CHAIN token, and the associated NFT collections.

  1. Event producers, hoteliers, and production firms: this category of investor are interested in having Chain or Super Bloom set up at their event or property, and need to hold the art piece’s NFTs in order to raise a ‘Production Proposal’ and vote for it.
  2. NFT investors & collectors: NFT collectors have yet to see large scale physical/digital hybrid artworks. Each NFT collection will be limited in supply, will be produced by a variety of renowned artists, and will be imbued with very tangible governance rights — ALL of which are attractive propositions for NFT investors and collectors.
  3. Ideologically aligned investors:’s vision of using art to communicate the impact that decentralized finance will have on the financial system and society at large resonates deeply with many funds, philanthropists, individual investors, and prominent firms in the space. We are thrilled to be developing lasting partnerships with great firms and people.

We believe that as Chain artwork tours the globe, it will gain popularity amongst a diverse audience and investor base. In turn, the associated NFT collections will also gain popularity, especially considering the functional properties holders gain — which include: special access to events, governance rights, air drops, merchandise, and more.

How exactly will use art to communicate the impact of crypto? will produce our artworks at major digital currency conferences and events around the world. Using our network, we will host subject matter experts, panels, talks, and events using Chain’s artworks as a beacon and a stage. Large scale art has a way of drawing people in; music and provocative content will make them stay. partners share a passion for educating and onboarding people to digital currencies. We intend to use large scale artworks to achieve this in a bigger way than we could have ever imagined before.

What time frame can we expect for CHAIN TGE, CHAIN staking, Super Bloom NFTs, Chain build, etc?

We are targeting the following dates for upcoming milestones:

CHAIN TGE: Q1, 2022

CHAIN Staking: Q1, 2022

Super Bloom NFT Collection: Q2, 2022. NFTs will be rewarded to stakers based on time and amount of CHAIN staked.

Chain NFT Collection: Q2, 2022. NFTs will be rewarded to stakers based on time and amount of CHAIN staked.

Chain Construction Complete: Q4, 2022

We’re super excited to be on this path with the great team at, and the growing community of crypto advocates worldwide. Stay tuned for more.

Do you have an art piece that requires a metaverse strategy? Drop us an email at!



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